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Capture & Video Editor Intern

Job Location

Montpellier, France

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About the job


As Video Editor Intern, your role will be to capture the game on different platforms and to edit video assets of our game.
Those will be used for production and promotional needs.


- Capture sequences in the game, on PC or console. You’ll need to be an experienced RPG player, with good reflexes!
- Use the right capture and post production techniques to get the most out of the game’s visuals
- Edit videos, trailers or teasers


- You have experience in making films or videos
- You know how to edit a story or a dialogue to make it look good, you know about the theory of film making and how to apply it in practice
- You’re familiar with computer graphics and video game tech topics
- Ideally you are familiar with Unreal Engine 5 and are able to navigate the editor to record footage


- Portfolio of videos / trailers
- A previous professional experience is appreciated but not required.
A great portfolio can make up for it.
- Of course, you love playing games (if you like games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest or Persona it's even better).

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About us

Sandfall Interactive is a game development studio based in France, based in the sunny city of Montpellier and with additional offices in Paris.

We are creating premium games for PC and new-gen consoles, and are looking for talented collaborators and passionate gamers to join us on this exciting journey.

Our current project, Project W, is a 3D turn-based RPG with a captivating blend of fantasy and Belle Époque art style, powered by Unreal Engine 5 and recipient of an Epic MegaGrant. The game is published by Kepler Interactive.

At Sandfall Interactive, we are dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity in our workplace culture.

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