Gameplay Programmer

Job Location

Montpellier, France

Type of Job

Full Time / Remote work possible

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About the job

As Gameplay Programmer, you’ll work in Unreal Engine to build robust and smart gameplay features. You’ll work both in blueprints and C++. Your features and tools must be easy to use for the dev team, and deliver great quality to players. You’ll work closely with our CTO/Lead Programmer, and the whole dev team.

Your detailed tasks are:

- Create, improve, debug and maintain core gameplay features: 3Cs, progression systems, battle systems... We are an RPG, so we rely on lots of different features that have to coexist and interact one with another
- Build intuitive and powerful dev interfaces and systems towards the dev team, so they can easily create and monitor content
- Make tech reviews of blueprints, settings or protoypes made by the dev team (example: enemies behaviors)
- Support the CTO on tech subjects (optimization, bugfix processes...)

Skills Required:

- You are rigorous, you write clean code and can set up a clean architecture.
- You have good user experience insights: how to make features efficient and logical for the player, and easy to use for the dev team.
- You’re able to teach the team how to use your features, and to communicate closely with them.
- You’re proficient in C++, and super proficient with Unreal Engine blueprints and widget blueprints.
- You’re fluent in English. Being fluent in French is a plus.


- 3 years of professional experience required as Gameplay Programer

Practical info:

- You are willing to work in Montpellier, France. Sandfall offices are located rue Bourrely, just near the city center, in a hub with 5 other companies, all working in entertainment!
- Salary depending on experience
- Relocation assistance


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About us

Sandfall Interactive is a game development studio based in France in the sunny city of Montpellier. We are a fun and ambitious bunch, focusing on premium games for PC and new gen consoles, and we are looking for talented collaborators and passionate gamers to continue this journey with us.

We are working on Project W, a 3D third-person turn-based JRPG-inspired game with a realistic fantasy art style. The game is running on Unreal Engine 5.

We want to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion and encourage applications from people with marginalized backgrounds.