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March 2022 update: latest news from Sandfall

Hi there! It's been more than a year since the lastblog post - and yet so many things happened in the meantime!

In April 2021, Sandfall moved from Paris to Montpellier and the core team working on Project W started to expand. We were 6 before that time, we're now more than 15 people to work on the game! Some of us even work from Sweden or Turkey.

We still believe time has come for small indie teams to deliver high quality realistic 3D premium games, thanks to the amazing tools that are now accessible to them. And we're getting closer to that goal every day! Brace yourselves, Unreal Engine 5 is also on its way to our pipelines...

We're now very close to finish Project W's vertical slice demo: more than one hour of gameplay, featuring pretty much everything we wanted to see in the game.

If you're a professional from the industry, be sure to poke us before the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, we'll be onsite to showcase the game! Guillaume, François and Tom will be making the trip from March 21st to 25th.

Last but not least, we'd like to add a special thanks to great companies and institutions who gave their trust and support to Sandfall Interactive's Project W:

  • Epic Games, for their $50,000 Epic MegaGrant to Project W.

  • The CNC (French national center for cinema), for their huge financial support, through preproduction financial support and tax rebate.

  • The Occitanie Region, in which Sandfall is located, which also provided additional funds for preproduction.

...And of course, thanks to all of our friends, family and business angels who put their trust and money in the project from the very beginning!

See you soon and stay safe, from all the Sandfall team.

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